Americans Optimistic About Future of Household Finances

Two years after the financial collapse, nearly seven in 10 Americans say they are optimistic about the future of their household finances.

A new national survey Weber Shandwick conducted with KRC Research has found that Americans have a positive outlook about their household finances for the next two years, despite the economy’s sluggish recovery. Nearly one quarter (23 percent) are very optimistic. Still, many report not feeling in total control just yet, and few have turned to professional resources.

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This consumer confidence is a huge opportunity for banks and other financial services firms, if done the right way. Don’t lead with a product. Instead, turn your customers’ optimism into empowerment by helping them budget better and making financial advisors more available to answer questions—either in a physical sense or through social media. Now, more than ever, it’s extraordinarily important to improve communication with customers and potential customers.

How is your organization empowering customers?

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