Are Brands Really Built Via Social Media?

social-media-voicesClients regularly ask us for evidence or strategic rationale for investing in social media. Consider these compelling points.

  • 70 percent of bloggers write about brands and products – Technorati (2009)
  • Facebook now has 400 million users – 200 million log in every day – Facebook (2010)
  • More than 1.5 million businesses now have Facebook pages – Facebook (2010)
  • 93 percent of social media users think corporations should be present on social networks and 85 percent of them want corporations to interact with customers there – Cone (2008)
  • 90 percent of U.S. moms under the age of 40 research and buy products online – Forrester Research (2009)
  • There are about 25 million moms involved in blogging in the U.S. – MediaPost (2009)
  • 78 percent of mommy bloggers review products and 56 percent review Web sites and services – eMarketer (2008)
  • There are 36,722 cities in the world. TripAdvisor, a user-generated review site, has reviews for more than 70,000 destinations, 450,000 hotels, 90,000 attractions and 560,000 restaurants TripAdvisor (2010)

If you’re not yet convinced, I’ll offer an update in a few months. Does anyone anticipate these numbers to go down? Enough said.

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