Pew Survey Looks at News Consumption on Facebook and Twitter

twitter and news 2One in three Americans is consuming news via Facebook.

One in 10 Americans is getting news on Twitter.

While the majority of Americans still turn to TV as their main source of news, social media sources are gaining speed, especially with younger generations. Many companies are taking notice and successfully utilizing these important channels.

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Is Your Content Creating Business Value?

Content marketing and brand journalism is hitting its stride across corporate America, but as Forrester analyst Ryan Skinner relates in this recent Guardian article, it’s important for marketing and communications leaders to first pause and strategically determine whether an investment in content is clearly aligned with business objectives.

Have Americans Changed How They Consume?

It’s difficult to forget the desperate days of September 2008. Americans – and the world for that matter – watched in near disbelief as Lehman Brothers closed its doors and declared bankruptcy. Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get worse, it did. Bank of America swooped in and bought Merrill Lynch. The U.S. government … Read More »